Promoting detoxification and potent skin renewal, these mechanical and chemical re-surfacing procedures remove fatigued and environmentally ravaged damage to reveal a refreshed, awakened and regenerated complexion.

Microdermabrasion is the number 1 clinical procedure performed world-wide. This safe and effective treatment provides instant results with no downtime or discomfort. Combining mechanical exfoliation with a pressured vacuum; dead skin, clogging residue and cellular debris are gently removed whilst promoting detoxifying lymphatic drainage and increased circulation. Effective for dull, sun-damaged, congested and blackhead-prone conditions, a course of 6 treatments is recommended to achieve cumulative and longlasting results. Further personalised results may be achieved by combining Microdermabrasion with a resurfacing peel or rejuvenating LED post-treatment.

Full Face 45mins | $111
Full Face & Neck 60mins | $129
Full Face, Neck & Décolleté 75mins | $151
Add-On To Any Facial Treatment | $35
RESURFACING PEEL LEVEL 1 | Full Face 30mins $105 | Add-On To Any Facial Treatment $35

This very superficial peel utilises enzymes and alpha hydroxys and aromatic to gently exfoliate the skin’s surface. Excellent to treat minor congestion, dullness and dehydration, this comfortable treatment instantly reveals a brighter, refreshed and revived complexion with no downtime. Suitable even for sensitised and reactive conditions, skin integrity is strengthened and repaired. A course of 6 fortnightly treatments is recommended to achieve cumulative and long-lasting results. Refresher treatments are recommended as a seasonal boost or to enhance Microdermabrasion for intensified results.

RESURFACING PEEL LEVEL 2 | Full Face 30mins $125 | Add-On To Any Facial Treatment $35

Creating versatile and dramatic results, this medium peel utilises active beta and alpha hydroxys with aromatic botanicals to simultaneously address and treat problematic, aged and pigmented complexions. Providing intensive correction to reverse skin damage, dramatic repair and vitality are activated to deeply restore balance and integrity. A course of 6 treatments is recommended at fortnightly to monthly intervals for regenerative results. Refresher treatments may be performed seasonally or as required.

(Homecare product preparation is required to perform any of these treatments)

RESURFACING PEEL LEVEL 3 | Full Face 30mins $151

This detoxifying and re-building medium peel incorporates powerful vitamin A and alpha hydroxys to anabolically rejuvenate and correct deeper skin concerns. An active corrective, this precision treatment targets stubborn pigmentation, premature ageing and problematic conditions to rebalance and normalise healthy skin function. The skin is visually refined with strengthened integrity and structure. A course of 4-6 monthly treatments is recommended to create and sustain long-lasting results. Refresher treatments may be performed as a seasonal or targeted boost.

(Homecare product preparation is required to perform any of these treatments)


Like a deep breath for skin, Oxygen Therapy jet blasts fatigued cells with a resuscitating blend of potent hydrators and active vitamin complexes. Cells are awakened and re-energised to visibly revitalise, plump and firm with unctuous moisture and cellular nutrition. The skin glows with vitality and luminous radiance. Perfect as a pre-event prep to prime and promote a younger looking skin.


Incorporating a low-level current, sonophoresis delivers active ingredients to the lower layers of the skin. Effortlessly infusing through the skin’s protective barriers, sonophoresis may be incorporated into any skin procedure to deliver immediate correction and rapid results. Perfect to revive fatigued, jet-lagged and chronically devitalised complexions.


Utilising electrically activated ozone, high frequency targets excess oil production, congestion, breakouts and acne. Bacteria is immediately disarmed and disinfected with a reducing impurities and accelerating healing. High Frequency is recommended in combination with LED and resurfacing peels to treat acute and chronic problematic complexions.


Circulation and lymphatic drainage are activated to diminish dark circles, fatigue and puffiness. Pressure point shiatsu relieves and soothes as a customised eye pack firms and smooths delicate contours. The eye area is visibly refreshed, revived and awakened.


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